Sandton Central Survey Reveals Staycations, Dining and Outdoor Events are Topping To-Do Lists This Festive Season

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  • 78% say they feel safe to shop, dine and enjoy entertainment
  • 75% report they’ve planned a staycation for the holidays
  • Restaurants, parks, day trips and markets are set to be top destinations

A public survey conducted by Sandton Central Management District reveals that most people are eager to shop, dine, and be entertained, and have planned staycations for the festive season.

Of the nearly 230 people who participated in the opinion poll, an overwhelming majority of 78% of respondents indicated that they feel comfortable to go shopping and dining and enjoy leisure and entertainment during Level 1 of South Africa’s Covid-19 lockdown.

Asked how they intend to celebrate this festive season, three quarters (75%) of the people who shared their plans with Sandton Central said they would be enjoying a staycation this year, while 25% intended to travel on holiday.

The survey also provided fascinating insights into the activities people were most likely to take part in during the school holidays. Most said they would go to restaurants (67%), enjoy outdoor activities in parks (58%), take day trips within their province (50%), visit outdoor markets (47%), view festive lights (40%) and take part in fun runs and walks (39%).

District Improvement Manager Elaine Jack of Sandton Central Management District (SCMD), says, “The survey provides a glimpse into the mindset of people who often visit Sandton Central, and sheds some light on their plans for the upcoming holiday season. It helps our local businesses to gauge the public’s confidence in taking part in activities that are typical for this time of year yet also support the necessary safety measures during this pandemic. We are particularly pleased that the data shows people are craving interactions that are synonymous with Sandton Central. From a wide variety of delicious dining to our beautiful green parks and more, Sandton Central offers the whole family an enjoyable day out.”

Jack also points out the vast and magnificent line-up of hotels, accommodation and hospitality in Sandton Central holds greater appeal than ever before this year with so many people opting for a staycation.

Photo Courtesy of The Leornado

The survey’s respondents were primarily (68%) people who visit Sandton Central at least once monthly, with more than half visiting weekly or more often. The top five reasons that respondents pinpointed for visiting Sandton Central include its exceptional shopping (76%) followed by work (54%), the famous restaurants, bars and clubs in the area (52%), business and meetings (23%), and taking part in sports, gyms and fitness activities (8%).

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