Shimansky Patented Diamond Cut, Officially The World’s Most Brilliant


Shimansky Jewellers Founder & CEO, Yair Shimansky’s relentless pursuit of the perfect diamond cut has borne many patents and innovations that celebrate the true fire at the heart of every diamond and set Shimansky diamonds apart as the most dazzling gifts to celebrate special occasions.

In independent tests an international, independent diamond grading laboratory, the Shimansky signature Brilliant 10 diamond cut scored up to 25% more brilliance when compared to a round brilliant cut diamond. In a second test at a scientific and technical research centre for diamonds in Europe, the Brilliant 10 cut diamond scored top marks for its light return, dark zone, contrast and fish eye – beating out a competing Round Cut diamond of the same weight (one carat) by between 1% and 22% in each of those categories. Essentially, these two results mean that the Brilliant 10 diamond outperforms an excellent cut Round Brilliant Hearts and Arrows diamond in all measures of light return, fire and brilliance, making it the most brilliant cut diamond in the world.

Image 1: Exclusive only to Shimansky, The Brilliant 10 diamond is perfect in both symmetry and proportion.

A diamond’s cut is one of the most important aspects when it comes to grading – and its subsequent valuation – as it showcases the fire that burns within each diamond’s heart. Often confused with a diamond’s shape (round, princess, emerald, cushion, etc.); the cut of a diamond refers to how well the diamond has been cut and polished, regardless of its final shape. Diamonds cut too deep allow light to escape from the sides, and those cut too shallow, allow light to escape from the crown’s side and the bottom. A poor cut can affect a diamond of even the highest colour and clarity grading, while an excellent cut can massively elevate the appearance of a diamond of low colour or clarity grading.

The Brilliant 10 diamond features 71 facets, precisely aligned for the ultimate display of brilliance. When viewed from below, the cut delivers a pattern of ten hearts and when viewed from below, a pattern of ten arrows – perfect symmetry which captures both the eyes and hearts of diamond connoisseurs. The Brilliant 10 diamond cut takes up to three times longer to achieve, and can only be polished by a handful of skilled master diamond polishers. The essence of this patented cut is its ability to reflect light: the light that enters the diamond is reflected back through the table with almost no light leakage – a world-first in the diamond industry.

Image 2: The world’s first square-cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table.

The world’s first square-cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table, the My Girl diamond cut was the first internationally-patented cut to originate from South Africa. Pioneered by Yair himself, after three years of research and development, My Girl-cut diamonds feature a unique eight-sided square cut.

Only hand-selected, ethically-sourced South African diamonds are used for the My Girl cut. This hand-selection is essential since a My Girl diamond can only be polished from a ‘crystal’ shaped rough diamond, which in its natural form, resembles two joined pyramids. Exceptionally rare in nature – and incredibly valuable because as much as half the rough stone is sacrificed to perfect the cut – My Girl diamonds mirror the balance of sacrifice and reward that forms the basis for every lasting relationship.

Shimansky Jewellers’ signature Brilliant 10 and My Girl diamonds are exclusively available from Shimansky Jewellers’ diamond experiences in the heart of Cape Town or our showrooms in Cape Town, Johannesburg and our new location on Manhattan’s prestigious 5th Avenue.

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