The Maldives

Its That Something Special!

Luxury travel is considered niche and the most exclusive. However, luxury is defined differently in everyone’s books.

For some, a small hut on a tiny island, where the genset is switched off after dinner is luxurious. The comfort of sleeping under the stars as the fresh air gently caresses your skin and to fall asleep to the sound of the waves gently lapping onto the shore line is a luxury many crave.

Generally, the most affluent from high-end markets look for a holiday that brings them closer to nature. Their usual life is filled with artificial amenities and surroundings, and the hustle and bustle of a busy city. They look for what lacks in their daily lives. ‘Its ‘That Something Special’ that attracts our clientele.

We define luxury by offering luxury travelers privacy, exclusivity and personalized services. comfort, freshly picked herbs from the herb garden, private villa in the green vegetation or a private reserve in the lagoon. In addition, a secluded private island of their own, or a superb luxury motorized yacht to cruise around the atolls and islands in the Maldives.

The services we offer are tailored to the needs of our clientele. Connect with a professional team of experienced experts who will make your Maldives experience extraordinary and valuable.  Contact The Grand Holidays Pvt.Ltd at +9609892299 or


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