Champagne? Four Festive Occasions On Which To Say “Yes Please”

4 special moments, 4 champagnes: a festive season guide


Champagne and celebration are so inextricably linked that it’s hard to imagine a celebration without that iconic pop of the cork and the ebullience of bubbles as they rise to the surface. This festive season offers plenty of opportunity to do just that, so we’ve gathered 4 iconic champagne houses and their flagship wines and matched them with the perfect moments of the day for sharing, gifting and enjoying.

 THE MOMENT: Gifting and sipping in good company with the one and only icon of festive celebration


WHAT TO SERVE: Take your pick – Brut Impérial, R649,95 Nectar Impérial, R749,95 or Rosé Impérial, R799,95

If ever there was a Maison that forged the association between celebration and champagne, it’s Moët & Chandon, the 279 year old Grande Maison that brought champagne to the world. With a unique wine for every occasion, choose the Moët & Chandon Impérial that best suits your preference. This year, they have been released in 3 beautiful, special edition gift boxes that cue the festive spirit. Toast with Moët to the effervescence of the end of 2022 and hail in a brand-new year with the champagne that is synonymous with glamorous celebration.

THE MOMENT: Late afternoon holiday aperitifs


WHAT TO SERVE: Blanc de Blanc, R1 399,95

As a Maison with a reputation for innovation and stringent sustainable practices, Maison Ruinart’s second skin case is part work of art and part environmental champion. Setting a new standard for champagne, this alternative to the champagne gift box has some seriously impressive eco credentials: it’s recyclable, crafted from 99% paper and lands with a 60% CO₂ reduction. The sensuous shape of the case nods to the way in which maîtres d’s wrap their bottles in a white napkin – can be used to better preserve your champagne and can be immersed in ice for effective cooling. A perfect champagne for aperitifs, particularly in spring and summer, Blanc de Blancs pairs beautifully with seafood and shellfish.

THE MOMENT: Sundowners, when the sky is drenched in ‘solaire’ light


WHAT TO SERVE: ICONS Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Fridge x Smeg R799.95

Elevating the everyday to collectible design levels, the Clicquot Fridge is the result of a collaboration between the Maison and Smeg in celebration of Veuve Clicquot’s 250th birthday. This latest edition of its ICONS collector’s edition pays homage to a history of ‘solaire’ culture, design and innovation – and is 100% sustainable. Modelled on the classic fridges of the 1950s, the characteristically yellow fridge gift box is not only fun but also isothermal – keeping your champagne cool for up to 2 hours. Chill it prior to gathering with friends and family as the sun performs its daily finale and we promise you’ll be in the good books until next Christmas. If ever there was a natural moment to open a bottle, it’s as the sun begins its descent, turning the sky aglow.

 THE MOMENT: Celebrating New Year’s, under a star-studded sky


WHAT TO SERVE: Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2008: Lady Gaga Limited Edition, R4 399,99

Inextricably linked to the earliest iterations of champagne, the story goes that when Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon first discovered champagne, he called out to his fellow monks “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” As if the name Dom Pérignon could reach higher levels of fame, their bold collaboration with the fiercely independent and equally iconic Lady Gaga has been explosive. This is the story of two creators – Lady Gaga and Dom Pérignon, embodied by its Chef de Cave. The crossing of their paths is based on a shared belief in absolute creative freedom. The result is a high-toned balance of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, an insolent miracle as the Maison calls it, with beguiling packaging cued by rippling, shifting elements in a shock of liquid magenta. Tempered by a slow, masterful transformation during nearly 12 years in the cellar, Dom Pérignon Rosé is untamed and carnal, both light and dark, magnetic. We suggest toasting with a glass under a starlit sky in honour of Dom Pérignon’s legendary association.


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