HTA School of Culinary Art Legacy Competition 2022


2022 sees the HTA School of Culinary Art Legacy Competition running for a seventh consecutive year as an established event on South Africa’s culinary calendar. The contest is nearing its final stages, with seven second-year students competing for the prestigious title. This year’s judging panel is comprised of Executive Chefs from leading establishments and Hospitality Industry experts; the pressure is certainly on!

Developed in 2016, the competition aims to inspire HTA students to showcase their passion, demonstrate acquired skills and interpret the latest culinary trends in fine dining.

A grand finale event will spotlight students and their ability to develop recipes, consider and plan thorough meal preparation, ingredient selection, slick execution of high-level cooking techniques, plating and time management.

The finalists are full-time students about to complete their final year in the Two-Year Full-Time Culinary Arts Programme at HTA and were chosen as semi-finalists based on their practical and theoretical performance during their studies thus far.

  • Rofhiwa Singo
  • Lee-Anne Maree
  • Rhys-John Neale
  • Pholoso Sebola
  • Nontuthuko Nkabinde
  • Elizabeth Ncube
  • Tiffany Montanus

The main objective of the competition, other than the educational component offered through such an encounter, is to give students exposure to a wide range of quality products and ingredients from trusted suppliers to use in their 3-course menus presented at the finale.

The experience will groom students for the high demand and real-world scenario of a professional kitchen, inspiring them to push the boundary of their own creativity and passion.

Details of the competition, the final stages of preparation and the final event can be followed on HTA’s social media accounts.

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