Experience Africa In 7 Days.

Mysteries of the of African Continent


FESTAC AFRICA https://festacafrica.org  is a festival created to Experience Africa in just 7 days as we showcase Africa’s Finesse and Richness through Music, Dance, Fashion, Art & Craft, Poetry & Food. Promote Intra-Africa Trade through a 3-day Proudly made in Africa Expo; Promote Intra-Africa Travel & Tourism; Participate in Women in Business Summit, as well as Access to finance for Entrepreneur’s.

Participants will have opportunity to join a workshop on sustainable solutions towards 

  • Climate Change challenges, ESG Readiness and how to achieve a Zero Carbon Emission by 2050, 
  • they can also choose to Attend a 3-day Executive Masterclass on Sustainable Peace Building through Culture and Tourism and be honored as FELLOW of the Chartered Institute of Peace and Governance, Texas, USA
  • Connect & Network with other like-minded entrepreneurs and Captains of industries
  • Join the Diaspora Investment forum

  • Attend a Women in leadership Summit during the festival week
  • The Business of Luxury in Africa Summit and much more
  • Get to learn how your business can leverage on platforms such as the BizCBook to drive exposure and growth for your brand

Festac Africa Participants will experience 7 days of the Festival Boma Village for African Cuisines and signature brews and mocktails, 

Experience the First Ever International Africa Luxury Award in Partnership with The Luxury Network International (www.tlnint.com) to Celebrate the Finest Brands in Africa on Africa Day over a Gala Dinner. 

Come Experience Sports Tourism over a round of Gold or bring the Youth to enjoy a 3-day soccer camp with Bundesliga Germany or connect with ex-NBA stars at the basketball camp. 

Most of all, enjoy 7 days of buzzling entertainment from artists and cultural groups to share in the spirit of the African Rhythm.

To represent your country, company or yourself, click here https://festacafrica.org