Sealy’s Exclusive Posturepedic Technology™ Taking Mattresses To The Next Level


Everything you want in a bed, and more!

In a world where most things are mass produced, where dinners get cooked in microwaves, cell phones have to be upgraded every two years and mattresses pop out of boxes, it’s good to know that while Sealy mattresses are built upon years of research and advanced technology, one thing remains the same: Every Sealy bed, from entry-level to high end luxury, is carefully handcrafted right here in South Africa.

“At Sealy we are constantly researching and improving our beds, but for more than 50 years, ‘end-to-end attention’ is a Sealy hallmark we pride ourselves on,” says Sealy South Africa brand executive, Riaan Strydom. “Every Sealy bed made passes through 11 sets of hands, minimum. Every detail – from design to materials selection to research and development to prototype build to new product launches – are personally managed, influenced, quality checked and processed by the highly trained and precision-skilled hands of Sealy employees.”

Through constant research and development, as well as collaboration and studies with Orthopaedic surgeons all over the world, the Sealy team has established the best ‘criteria’ for optimal sleep. Building upon the recommendations of these world class Orthopaedic surgeons, Sealy constructed a mattress with an interconnected spring system topped with foam and comfort layers that could support the ideal sleeping posture – meaning the body is in its natural position to fully relieve muscular tension. This is what’s known today as Sealy’s exclusive Posturepedic Technology™, which targets the heaviest part of your body, with reinforced support where you need it most. Only Posturepedic Technology’s zoned mattresses gives you deep, targeted support for exceptional all-over comfort.

Sealy Posturepedic Technology™ supports your life by providing:

  • Pressure relieving comfort for undisturbed sleep: from ultra-plush to cushion firm, built with premium materials.
  • The support you need: deep-down orthopedically correct support with a superior edge support system.
  • A system where everything works together to give you the same great comfort and support for a long time: extra durability that repays your investment day after day.

“With access to world class research and development teams not only here in South Africa but across the globe, Sealy is constantly reimagining and refining our sleep systems, putting our beds a step ahead of the rest,” explains Strydom.

There are a wide range of mattresses to select from to suit your sleep position, personal preference and budget. Whether you are looking for pressure relief for your shoulders or hips, support for your lower back or are simply wanting to wake up feeling better, you will find your answer in a Sealy Posturepedic bed.

“The next time you’re looking for a bed that offers you full body comfort, be sure to ask for Sealy by name,” says Strydom.

“Go out and test a few beds before making a decision. When you lie down on each bed, try to feel if it interacts cooperatively with your entire body. With all the ranges provided by Sealy, you’re sure to find one that suits your body.”