Paint This Festive Season An Exceptional Red With De Toren Private Cellar

Whether you’re gifting friends, family, colleagues or clients; hosting a festive season gathering; or simply enjoying the holidays; there’s a standout solution. An exceptional bottle of wine that has been crafted with extraordinary care and exquisitely packaged in a stunning gift case, provides unparalleled pleasure for giver and receiver.

De Toren Private Cellar presents this very festive solution with a range of award-winning, and bespoke Bordeaux-style wines. These deliver superlative accompaniment to a variety of festive dishes and also encapsulate the perfect gift.

Splendidly appointed celebratory tables deserve to be matched with equal elegance. To enhance the feeling of celebration and abundance so valued at year-end functions, and contribute to the grandeur of the décor, De Toren’s generously proportioned Magnum (double a standard bottle at 1.5L instead of the regular 750ml) or Jereboam (equivalent to four standard bottles) will make a remarkable statement. They’re equally impactful as a gift. Up the ante even further with De Toren’s plentiful and impressive 9L bottle.

Besides the 375ml and 750ml bottles, the De Toren Z 2017 also comes in large format bottles of 1.5L, 3L and 9L. The 3L and 9L bottles both come in a special black wooden case. Alternatively, special gift box sets of six bottles, or a wooden case of twelve are also available. De Toren Z is a soft and approachable yet exquisitely powerful red blend, dominated by Merlot. A true testament to vines lovingly reared and winemaking raised to an art form, it represents an exceptionally thoughtful gift.

To be enjoyed with a festive family lunch or gifted as a special thought, the iconic De Toren Fusion V 2018 is a Cabernet Sauvignon-dominated blend with an ageing potential of 15 years plus. This meticulously crafted, complex blend offers a stylish departure for sophisticated oenophilic tastes. It is also available in a gift box of six bottles or a wooden case of twelve bottles. Apart from the 375ml and 750ml bottles, the larger format 1.5L bottle is available, as are the 3L and 9L bottles, packaged in exquisite, handcrafted black wooden cases.

For those relaxing sundowner sessions that summer in South Africa lends itself to, the De Toren Délicate is a superbly fresh, light Malbec-dominated blend. This silky-smooth blend is best served slightly chilled, making it the perfect companion to warm, summer evenings. It is available as a case of six or twelve.

Enrobed in stunning packaging and accompanied with a beautiful gift box, The Black Lion almost doesn’t require any further gift wrapping. Crafted from the ancient soils of Africa, cultivated from specially selected vines and hailed as the most luxurious 100% Shiraz produced in South Africa, this magnificent wine will take festivities to glorious new heights.

The ultimate in thoughtful gifting, the opulent Book XVII 2019 is an ultra-luxurious blend. This spectacular wine is presented in a specially handcrafted and sealed wooden display case, accompanied by an iconic key to ensure the safekeeping of this collector’s item. Buy it as a pinnacle present, but be warned, you may end up desiring it for your own collection!

Whether you choose to savour a glass and be merry, host a party, or bestow these exceptional wines on loved ones to store and enjoy, De Toren holds the promise of a festive season full of connection, pleasure and joy.

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