Why Choose Steel in Architecture and Design?

Following the international trend and local demand for steel, Jansen by M2G and the SAISC are organizing a one day seminar on 18th November on the benefits of using steel in architecture and design.


Why choose steel in architecture and design and what are all the advantages of using such a noble material? This is the question the team from Jansen by M2G, with he support of the SAISC (South African Institute of Steel Construction) will try and elaborate on 18th November during a one day CPD accredited seminar in Cape Town, dedicated to all SA registered architects.

The design-life benefits of steel have been lost during the last decades in South Africa, this seminar aims to refresh the mind of our local architects about what solution steel can provide to their architectural constraints but also to encourage them to use their creativity (steel is flexible and allows the production of iconic super sized openings, complex geometries which is not possible with aluminium or PVC).

This seminar is offering new alternative and new exciting design perspectives which follows the international trend today in construction for the use of sustainable and 100% recycling materials such as steel.

During this seminar, they will also get a chance to interact with 2 major architects who will demonstrate their beneficial use of steel in their respective projects:

Mr Arjen Ketting from MVRDV studio, a very well-known and respected architect in Europe and who has contributed to numerous high profile projects including the Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam for which he has received the 2021 building of the year architectural award and which he will specifically speak about.

Pieter Peerlings from Sculp IT studio, who has conceived the world’s largest steel residential pivoting double doors measuring 6,000x 3,000mm x2.

Just like in Europe for the last few decades, steel will surely become in South Africa an unavoidable material that can no longer be ignored in the near future.

About Jansen by M2G:

Jansen is a Swiss company and world leader for window, door and façade system made of steel. Jansen by M2G was established in Cape Town in 2020 and is the distributor for Jansen on the African continent. After having run a 2 years accreditation programme for numerous South African metalworkers, Jansen by M2G is now ready to fulfil the trend of the most demanding customers.

About the SAISC 

The Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) is a respected association which has been tirelessly serving the industry since its inception in 1956. Their mission is to promote the use of steel in construction and contribute to the health and wealth of the industry for the good of all players. They provide insight and support to professionals and companies in the building and construction industry.